Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guest Post - GEO Tri Color Grey

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Full Face 

My Review:

Color and Design: 5/5
I love the color of these lens! its light gray on the outside and it transitions to a brown as it gets closer to the pupil. The design is simple and it looks very natural.
Enlargement: 2/5 
It seems to not to much of an enlargement effect. 
Comfort: 5/5
These are the most comfortable lenses I've worn. it doesn't stress my eyes and it doesn't blurr my vision. With other contacts that's really common. I can probably wear those for 5 hours and my eyes would start hurting. But these I can wear all day, and it doesn't even feel like I am wearing them.
Overall: 5/5 
These are natural, comfortable and beautiful. I wear them everyday!


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