Friday, March 30, 2012

Dollyeye Natural 3 Tones Grey

Lens Info
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Dueba

My photos:

Indoor Lighting
  Natural Light
  Side View

The color is absolutely lovely! The grey is natural but at the same time, is a lot more lighter than what i expected! The pixel print and center burst help the lenses blend into my dark brown eyes so that it achieves it's natural appearance. The design can be clearly seen in the photo I have taken of the lens itself. You can see that the design includes a limbal ring and that, once again, the entire design is composed of tiny pixel prints.

Diameter: 14.5
If you are looking for enlargement This is not it at all. These do enlarge your eyes, but the amount is small. I believe it is a good lens for starters.

These are comfortable, but the only thing I must say is that my eyes dry out more quickly with these on. However, I do tend to have drier eyes when wearing contact lenses, so it may differ for each person. Nothing eye drops cannot fix though ^^

I would like to try the rest of the colors in the Natural 3 Tones Series :) I thought that these would be natural in the sense of them being dark, but I was very pleased when I saw that these were actually light! These might be the best natural lenses that I have owned/seen, I really like them, even despite the fact that they do not enlarge much. So I am going to say that they deserve five stars!

Full Face:

That's all for this review of the Natural 3 Tones Grey!

Have a good Friday ^^

Friday, March 23, 2012

[Review] Kira Kira Green // DM-23 Green

Another review is here!

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span: 1 Year
B.C: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm; effect up to 16mm

Origin: South Korea


Window Lighting

Indoor Florescent Lighting


These are absolutely gorgeous!! The green is not a deep/forest color that many other lenses show up as. Rather, color is obviously green and others can notice that. The design of these lenses have always been known for blending in well with just about any eye color. The design doesn't suddenly block of, but it gradually fades.

Diameter: 14.5mm
The label stated these as 14.5mm, I don't know how large it really is but they still deserve 5 stars as they enlarge really well. Somehow I believe that these just might be a little larger than 14.5mm...

So I concluded in my mind that these are definitely bigger than 14.5mm. Which troubled me at first since big lenses usually mean less comfort :S But these did not disappoint me at all, they did not irritate or cause discomfort to my eyes. However I did not wear them for a long time, so that may also be a factor. 

I think I am DM-23/Kira Kira biased... I've always been ever since everyone was so crazy about them a year ago x) I never owned any because there were other lenses I had though, so now that I finally got a hold of these... I'm in LOVE! I expected A LOT from these, I mean I've been wanting them for over a year! And that time, only greys and browns existed :/ So now, I am a happy camper ^^

Full face Shots:

Super bright and pretty no?? :D
Hopefully you guys like these as much as I do :P

What do you think about the Kira Kira / DM-23 Greens?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gyaru Makeup for Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Some of you who follow my blog have already seen this, but I'd like to post the tutorial here for those who haven't seen it yet ^^

I know for a fact that it is sometimes difficult to match your makeup to certain circle lenses, especially if they are brighter or more unnatural. When I was trying on the Shinny Browns, my regular makeup just didn't match :/ The lenses seemed to stand out a bit too much and it somehow looked strange to me.

So how do you rock the Puffy Brown lenses?!

Dramatic makeup for a pair of dramatic lenses B)
And so, I thought... Gyaru eye makeup!

I'm not sure of how many there are of you that like the gyaru fashion and makeup, but this definitely was a fun look.
Super dramatic and grabs attention like O.O
At least, that is how people looked at me when I had this eye makeup on x)

Final Look:

Eye Shot:

For the review of the Puffy 3 Tones Brown // Shinny Browns

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Puffy 3 Tones Brown // Shinny Brown

My photos:

Window Lighting
Indoor Florescent Lighting 

Well, to me they certainly are not 100% natural or your typical brown lenses. The color is quite vibrant too. It is not a true brown since tints of green and yellow are seen in the lens and the design is quite unique to the puffy series. I would even say that these could be categorized with the golden color lenses. There is also a darker ring and burst of orange that contrasts to the murky brown which brings much focus to your eyes. It had to take some time for me to adjust to the design actually.

Diameter: 14.5mm
I somehow always thought that these were larger but the diameter is quite average. The enlargement effecthowever, is quite nice, not too over the top... just right :)

I thought that I would get dry eyes with these too honestly. But to my pleasant surprise, they were super comfy! I think maybe one of the most comfortable lenses I have had :D

As a vibrant brown pair of lenses these are top in the charts. I definitely had to get used to it, but once I did, I loved them :3 Though, for me personally, I wouldn't wear them for everyday use. Only because I don't wear heavy makeup on a daily basis and I think these only look really good when paired with darker eye makeup. But that's just me ^^

Full face photo:

PS: If you wonder why I am wearing heavy makeup in these photos, it is because I made a Gyaru Eyemake Tutorial, will post it up tmrw!

So those are my thoughts on the Shinny Browns!
I hear many good reviews on these and I agree with them. Although, actually, I realized that a majority of reviews I have read say that they seem to be more natural O.O Maybe it's just me that thinks otherwise? Anyways, I like them ^^

What do you think about them?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

WINNERS! of LensVillage Blog's First Giveaway~

So the end of LensVillage Blog's First Giveaway has come, and I have used to generate the numbers for the 10 winners!

And they are... *drum-roll*

#454 - Bruna Oliveira (Bruna Oliveira)
#465 - Jenny (teeteelee)
#12 - Lucy Liu (LemonberryLulu)
#355 - Billi (Billi)
#470 - Tra-My Nguyen (Mimi)
#115 - Nemtanu Simona (descude)
#86 - Cominica Len (cominica)
#410 - Dessa Imariel Mortifero (gettheguts)
#232 - Astrid Romero (astrid..)
#110 - Lyudmila Sizova (Lyudmila)

I will be emailing the winners.
You all have 48 HOURS to reply back with the necessary information:

Shipping Address:
Model Chosen:

Congratulations to the winners ^^

*Those who do not reply back within the allotted time will be replaced by another through so be sure to reply!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GEO Grang Grang Lenses Review

I'm here with a post reviewing the two GEO Grang Grang lenses ^^ These are also the lenses that you could win in both my giveaway and LensVillage Blog's Giveaway

Our giveaway ends on March 10th BTW!
So go join naoooo 

There are two designs and both come in two different sizes, which I am so so so grateful for because 17.0mm and even 15.0mm kinda scare me off :S In this review I'll be talking about each design, one in a bigger size than the other :)

I figured out what that "B" is for!! It stands for big :3
You know, since there are two sizes for the same design.
Naked Eye
Window Lighting/Natural Light
Side View
Florescent Lighting 

They are a honey brown color and make your eyes lighter. The design makes it so that if there is a halo, the light brown peeks through, adding a crystal-like look to your iris. These are very natural as well so they blend in well with my eyes.

Diameter: 15.00mm
It's called "Big" for a reason. And they are! They are huge!
I am so glad that the big grang grang browns were sent to me rather than the big choco ones. Because these do not have a dark rim, the enlargement isn't frightening and doesn't make it appear too out there.

These were super thin when I poured them out of their vials.. the thinnest lenses I ever owned. I thought they were going to be too flimsy to even stick in my eye O.O haha But all was well :) The comfort level of these lenses were not outstanding but they were quite comfortable.

I like them ^^ They are great as every day natural lenses that brighten up your eyes. These are one of the first natural brown lenses I've owned(aside from the choco grang grang lenses :P) so maybe that's why I like them so much.

One full face photo:
I couldn't rotate this photo :( 
Hope it still shows how the lenses look though.

No Lens
Window Lighting/Natural Light
Side View 
Indoor Florescent Lighting

The color of these lenses are a chocolate brown and also blend in well with my eyes. They do make my eyes appear darker and rounder as the rim of the lenses are darker than my natural eye color. As for the design, it looks like many tiny shards of thin crystals, very pretty in my imo ^^ Too bad you can't see them more clearly when worn though :( But they do give a glossier effect to your eyes. 

Diameter: 14.2mm
These are more like it :) I have always preferred smaller sized lenses, and I probably always will :P The enlargement is very subtle but still make a difference. I rated this a 3 only because in general, these are quite average in terms of enlargement.

These were super thin as well, so I did not feel them at all. I am pretty sure that I have dry eyes when it comes to contacts though .___. so my eyes did dry out after 2 hours or so.

I like the Choco Browns as well, GEO did a good job in producing the grang grang line. I could wear these out knowing that others won't think my eyes look huge and well, googly? haha If only they didn't dry out my eyes T^T
Also, these are a good opt for black lenses if you don't want to look like someone without a soul. (I had black lenses before and that's what people told me :S)

Face spam time!

So just to compare the two designs and the enlargement differences:

What are your thoughts on the Grang Grang Lenses?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another review of GEO Princess Mimi Grey

I've been dying to do a review for these lenses, but complications happen. Anyways now that out of the way I can finally glorify these babies. Starting off, this is the Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses made and sponsor by the lovely famed model Tsubasa Masuwaka now going by Milky Bunny, has a nice ring to her stage name. The Bambi series are among the top lenses out there, being worned by countless Japanese models particularly those following the gyaru trend, which I love. 

These came from Lensvillage, within two weeks and with a cute case as well. First of all I've worn the Green Apple lenses from the same series and I cannot stress enough how madly in love I am with them. But I hope the Sesame Grey can satisfy me as well. The lenses are 15mm with noticable black ring to give it the magic of enlarging your eyes. I must say when you try a 15mm contact its hard to go back to 14mm or 14.5mm because the size is addicting and you'll love how it'll encompass your whole eye, figuretively speaking of course.

Indoor Lighting

Artificial/Flash Lighting

Comfort wise I've worn these lenses for 10 to 12 hours straight, during school and after school and so on. I've experienced no drying whatso ever, maybe it's just the way my eyes are? The same thing happen when I wore the Green Apples, no drying. But I must advise if your a beginner wear them at least for 3 or 4 hours to let your eyes adjust to them, the first 15 minutes or so you might experience a little blurryness but it's okay, it's normal. Have a spare of eye drops with you as well if you suffer from dry eyes. One thing I love about these lenses are the desgin the intricate flowery design to them, the three tone coloring. Although not natural it doesn't bother me, I love lenses that strike out for shock value. Also for some strange reason like my Angel series lenses the Sesame grey and Green Apple seem to give me the puppy eye watery effect, which I adore so much.

Nice design and comfortable
Very enlarging for nice cute eyes
Personally one of my favorite lenses or any lenses from the same line, I'm in love with them all.

In door lighting gives the color a more blueish-gray color then the actual vibrant opaque grey you see in the promitional cover for the lenses, which was a let down. But with flash, articial and natural lighting (from the sun) is when the lenses really show it's beauty. Other than that it's moderate but still good for me.

comfort: 10/10
color/vibrancy: 7/10
enlargements: 10/10

Monday, March 5, 2012

[REVIEW] EOS G-307 Gothic Green


These are the EOS G-307 Gothic Green that I purchased a few months ago in a little circle lens spree I had. I recently opened them, so I'd like to review them on here as well ^^

In that spree I also purchased the Gothic Turquoise(which I think they sent me the Sapphires though O.o - I reviewed the blue ones HERE if anyone is interested) and Violets. I haven't opened the Violets yet but once I do, I will be sure to review them on here too. 

EOS G-307 Gothic Green

No Lens
Indoor Lighting
Window Lighting 
Side View 
The color is a hazel-green and does not appear too striking in color at all. A very natural lens color and the design blends in very well with my natural eye color.

Lens Diameter: 14.5 They enlarge naturally and give off a little halo effect. I am okay with all lenses in this area, but for those who like the dolly eyes look, this might not be what you want.

I did feel a little dryness as time went by, otherwise, they were pretty comfortable. 

The lenses are very pretty and natural. I purchased these expecting them to be like how they look in the modeled photos. You could tell that they are green, however, I was disappointed in how dark they turned out to be.  But to those who look for natural enlargement and color, the Gothic Series definitely should be what you are looking for.

I created a post about natural colored circle lenses, and I included the Gothic Series in that category. I want to let you know though, that I purchased these before knowing how dark they would turn out to be. So that is why I was disappointed with the outcome of the lenses :(

Hope the review helped ^^
These are photos taken by me, without any edits made so what you see is what you get here :)

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Upcoming reviews:

Lenses to open and review:

If you'd like me to review any of the lenses above, let me know! 
I'm still contemplating on which ones to open after all :P