Monday, February 27, 2012

ColourVue Contact Lens - Introduction

ColourVUE are touted as the front-runners in the fashion-coloured contact eye lens manufacturing business, and they indeed offer a massive array of contact lenses. These range from natural looking coloured contacts right through to the ‘Crazy Lenses’. Because of ColourVUE’s unique, patented and recently developed Hydrogel technology, all ColourVUE contacts offer exceptional comfort, simple easy fitting and hydration.

ColourVUE’s fashion lenses surpass all European standards and regulations, they’ve been certified top-quality and are always bright, stunning contact lenses which you can trust. Swap your style, now you can have access to a fantastic choice in contacts, which include: ‘Glamour fashion’, ‘Big Eyes’, ‘Fusion’, ‘3 Tones’, ‘Stars and Jewels’, ‘Crazy’, and ‘Glow fashion’.

All ColourVUE’s comfortable eye contact lenses are manufactured from a soft Hydrogel material, which is patented, and all have a high water content giving your eyes high oxygen absorbency and an ultra-comfortable fit. You can be sure they are the safest, and also the coolest, funkiest eye contact lenses around. These resilient contact lenses have a long life span of up to 1 year once they are opened.

ColourVUE lenses are the leading brand of fashion coloured eye contact lenses in the UK and in Ireland, as well as numerous other countries worldwide. The hydrogel manufacturing process ensures a softer appearance and extra-comfortable wear all day and night. Nearly all ColourVUE lens designs offer full a colour covering, which makes them ‘dark eyes suitable’ and not just for lighter eyes.

You can try the Sci Fi look, using the ‘Cyborg Lenses’. These black & white lenses feature highly detailed patterning.  They would be ideal for a party costume, a Halloween outfit, or just freaking out friends. Along the same lines are the ‘Darth Maul Lenses’. Red and yellow features in their freaky patterning, allowing you to really stand apart from the crowd.  ‘Avatar Crazy Lenses’ will turn you into a Na'vi. The brightest yellow colouring along with defining details, will suddenly transform you, with your eyes resembling your favourite character from ‘Avatar’. A great compliment for an avatar costume, or to wear anytime and make your friends and acquaintances wonder.

Purple contacts will immediately make your eyes appear bigger and softer, yet vibrantly brighter as well as truly stunning. You can show a sweet side using ‘Valentine Heart Lenses’. They’ll make you instantly ultra-cute.

So don’t forget, if you want to experience the cool look of different coloured eyes, try ColourVUE eye contact lenses with their high O2 permeability, comfortably fitting hydrogel lenses and a softer looking appearance. These non-prescription contacts are CE approved (see ISO9001), are suitable for anyone over 15 years of age and come with special lubricating drops for fitting.

Note that these fashion eye contact lenses aren’t designed for sleeping in or for use with congenital eye conditions. You can visit an eye practitioner and check if these lenses are all right for you to wear.

As all our coloured lenses arrive inside a sealed pack, you must check lenses for breaks or defects prior to opening them. Hygiene reasons prevent us accepting returns with a broken seal.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Review] EOS XtraVaganza Pink(G-210)

EOS XtraVaganza Pink (EOS G-210 Pink)

Lens Description:
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-210
Series: XtraVaganza
Diameter: 14.5mm
B.C: 8.8mm
Lens Type: Yearly Disposable

**These were not sponsored by LensVillage, but as they are circle lenses and I reviewed them on my own blog, I'd like to share these here as well. However, LensVillage does have lenses similar to these available for anyone who is interested: Dueba Fairy Pink**

No Lens
Bright window lighting 

Indoor Lighting

 Full faced poser pics with them on:

(Ratings are all out of 5)
Light pink in color. It is really opaque and noticeable, the pink definitely shows through. The design is really simple. Obviously not natural and doesn't blend. Aside from this, I don't have much else to say.

Every. Single. Lens. Enlarge my eyes! I don't think I have small eyes but maybe it's just my iris size that makes all lenses seem to enlarge well :P These are 14.5mm so they do not look overly huge at all.

I only wore these for a short period of time, but I think they were quite comfortable. EOS lenses do have thinner lenses after all.

The EOS XtraVaganza Pink lenses totally remind of anime eyes, in fact, I was tempted to apply anime makeup when I wore these xD Personally, I do not have much of an opinion about them, it's neither love or hate. However, I do not mind them. I only gave these lenses 3 stars though. I explained the reason in the original post.

So what do you think about pink lenses? 
Honestly, I have never been interested in them. But I really was quite excited to try them ^^

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

{3 Tone Lenses} Vibrant Yet Natural~

What I meant by "vibrant yet natural" is that, they are obviously a different color from your own eyes, yet blend in very well with your own eye color. 
So, ever wanted eyes with that unnatural color but didn't have the courage to because it might look a bit too... weird? or too noticeable? How about just wanting to look exotic, causing people to wonder what your real background is?

Sometimes I do.

Although I love the saying

"Go big, or go home"

I need to say that sometimes I'd like to have subtle colored eyes that keep strangers guessing if my eyes are really green/blue/violet etc.

Also, having a natural unnatural eye color(haha yep, it's a paradox) really gives off an exotic look. And when paired with dark sultry makeup, it looks seductively sexy ;) 

But sometimes finding vibrant yet natural circle lenses are so difficult D: They are either too natural or too unnatural! But there are lenses out there that can help find that balance!

TA-DA they are 3 Tone Lenses!

There are plenty of 3 tone designs out there, but not all of them can achieve the natural look. Take the Bambi Series for instance, they are 3 toned, but are definitely not natural. So here are just some that you guys can consider if you'd like ^^

I think that this series seriously has a large color selection... 9 colors! But each color has a slightly different hue. For example, you could choose between a pure brown, or a honey brown.. or a brown with a hazel tone.

I have a pair as well :3 In turquoise, but I think it looks A LOT more sapphire... 
From a personal perspective, I would say that these are normally a bit darker than in the photos, as the market photos are taken professionally, and mine were taken in bright lighting(no flash).

window lighting

Please do not mind my facial expression, I was doing a wig review on my personal blog ^^;;
But this photo shows how the lenses show up on my dark brown eyes at least!

And a photo with me wearing it in natural lighting:

The series name title says it all ^^

There wasn't a model picture of the pink lens, but the link for it is HERE

Now, if you would like for something more noticeable with three tones, I would recommend the
These lenses are SUPER popular and have been one of the best sellers actually ^^

*I need to remind you once again that many modelling photos are taken under bright lighting and some companies or stores slightly photoshop their pictures to emphasize the lens designs and colors, so in person, the lenses are DARKER than the stock photos! 

*So even though they do not look the least bit natural, IRL they are much darker. However, as I have stated, the puffy series are more noticeable and vibrant.

Other widely known circle lenses that are on the natural side are: GEO Tri Colors, GEO Luna 2 Tones, Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira(I think these are gorgeous <3) & Seeshell Dizoneyes

So there are many others among the many brands and designs of Circle Lenses but these were just to name a few ^^

What do you think about 3 tone lenses?

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

LensVillage Blog's FIRST GIVEAWAY

Like the title says, this will be LensVillage Blog's FIRST GIVEAWAY!

GEO has released two new natural lens designs in two different diameters! 
LensVillage is giving out 10 pairs of GEO Grang Grang lenses ! that means, 
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Small Thumbnail:

Have fun entering~

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Differences Between: Feizl vs. Ulzzang vs. Gyaru


Okok, so let's get some things straight. What.. or who are Feizl's? Ulzzang?? Gyaru!?

OVERALL, all three focus a lot on the big eyes, small nose, thin lips. They are known as Net Idols(ulzzang and feizl). They are pretty/cute/sexy people(men or females) that are recognized and are pretty much famous due to their looks(once again, applies more to ulzzang and feizl). They have many similarities but there are slight differences in their looks and fashion sense. 

They achieve the big eyes by use of makeup and of course, Circle Lens.

Well, what are they?

Definitions of Ulzzang:
"True definition is "best & "face" = best face in korean. They are basically people with above average looks, sometimes with the use of photoshop and haduri who post their pics online, some becoming internet celebrities." 
"The eyes being the main focus and concept of the look. They usually use lots of products to make their eyes very large, such as eyelid glue, Korean cosmetic circle lenses, eyeliner, long fake eyelashes, etc. They also usually have fair skin, a small nose and thin small lips, just like anime characters. They use a lot of editing websites such as Photoshop and Haduri to edit their pictures to make them even more prettier.
Some people find Ulzzangs incredibly cute and attractive, while others find them fake looking and hideous. All in all, Ulzzang has grown into nothing more than a stereotyped look, which will always be judged and have opinions, for the good or the bad."
Taken from urban dictionary(although this dictionary isn't the most accurate, these pretty much do the job). I must disagree on the eyelid glue part now though. As many ulzzangs undergo surgery(that ranges from forehead/rhinoplasty/eyelid/jaw shaping(aka, shaving the jawline)/cheekbone etc. surgery) rather than having to use those products. They aim for a more natural look compared to gyarus and feizls. Ulzzangs before did not focus on lashes until quite recently though. They do not particularly aim to be like "anime characters" from what I understand. More like, dolls. Porcelain dolls.
And it is a Korean term.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Define Gyaru: Read from wiki to understand the actual background - LINK

Aside from the true meaning of gyaru, many associate it with a type of style. There are many types of gyaru, I will not go into details as that is WAY too much information.
**Click HERE for a more detailed list of gyarus.

Simply put, their looks are described as doll-like girls as well, but not the porcelain type dolls, more like... anime? CUTE BIG EYES. is what a lot of people might generally say, but once again, there are many types. Eyelid glue or surgery is common for many gyaru models/gals. Gyaru's don't depend much on skin tone, more on the makeup, hair and style. Males are called gyaruo btw ^^
A Japanese term.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Pretty much like gyaru and ulzzang. Except this is known more as Chinese Net Idols. They can be similar to either ulzzangs or gyarus I find.

So it does take a while to see the differences. And some just will never get it xD 
I hope this would help anyone who questions the differences though. As time goes by, you can just automatically see the differences. Most of the differences are based solely on race though. But recently some looks just incorporate each others... looks. 

could've said that from the start =________=''

** Pictures are all just taken off google, some are older but I hope you guys get the point :P

What are your thoughts on Feizls, Ulzzangs and Gyarus?