Monday, January 30, 2012

Natural Brown Circle Lenses

There are SO MANY designs of circle lens out there. And a lot have really intricate designs, there are lenses that can make your eyes look teary/shiny and others make them pop with vibrant colors.
So there is always the question "what are some natural brown lenses?"

Well, here's a post dedicated to that question ^^

First of all, natural lenses are lenses that blend in well with the natural eye color. One that looks "natural" and can pass as one's real eye color... what more can I say? haha

So here they are~ Be ready for loads of pictures xD

The max pure browns are popular for being very enlarging while looking natural.

I think these lenses are GORGEOUS in design. Hands down. They are natural and give that natural shine and gloss to your iris!
Doesn't it look pretty?? And even though it is a fact that, in this photo, there is bright lighting and all, I can assure you that these lenses are very pretty in real life, up close.

I don't think these can be any more natural, the hyper circle browns look as though you aren't even wearing anything. This is super popular as a natural brown circle lens.

The photo above is a very good representation of how the lens look. However, GEO fresh browns will look slightly darker in normal lighting. The GEO fresh greys also look very natural as grey lenses.

GEO Brown Circle BC-101 & BC-102
These are also as natural as can be. There is only the difference of the lens' pattern design, but the effect and appearance of the outcome is prettty much of the same. You can see it for yourself:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, among the natural brown lenses, there are those that are considered pretty natural but are less subtle. Here are some:

These were mentioned in the last post about "Popular Gyaru Circle Lens."

Yes, that's right. There is more than one color! You can find them at LensVillage's Website under the Geo Magic Color category.

And finally, there are the tri-color lenses that can pass as a natural eye color, just a tad more vivid and earthy ^^

So that's a wrap! *phew* 

There are plenty of lenses other than these that can look natural as well, but these are the few that will come up very often while searching for some natural brown lenses ^^

So I hope this will anyone out there searching for some natural brown lenses!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Popular Gyaru Circle Lens: Bambi Series

As the last post mentioned, many Gyaru gals, if not ALL Gyaru's wear circle lens! So what are some of the recent popular lenses that they wear?

These lenses are endorsed by Tsubasa Masukawa and these are one of the most popular recently, many models can be spotted wearing these! Perfect for the dolly effect :)

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 - -6.00
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Life Span: 1 Year

*Although these are also part of the Bambi series, the design is different, giving a lot more of a natural look*

An alternative to wearing the GEO Bambi series is the Kimchi Bambi series:

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 - -8.50
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 Year

The lens itself is 1mm larger but the water content is also higher. The design runs very closely to that of the GEO Bambi Series with slight differences. The Kimchi series are a tad bit simpler in terms of the printed design and there are more colors available.

So the Bambi series are a HUGE hit! Many adore the pattern and effect of the lens. They are enlarging and give a dolly appearance but can also give off a mysterious deep look as well. The Bambi circle lenses also incorporate an eye catching design that is mixed with between blending colors and a noticeable dark outer ring.

So would you like to join the rave of the BAMBI CIRCLE LENSES?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Circle Lens... An Introductory!

Welcome to Lens Village's Blog! 
Here you will surely be updated on just about everything there is about circle lens!

So what are circle lens?

Simply put, they are just like your regular contact lenses BUT they enlarge the appearance of your eyes ^^ They are worn by many people just about everywhere!

But as many people may know, gyaru models, ulzzangs and celebrities heavily sport these lenses:

So people generally assume that circle lens only give off the cute look, but really, they do MORE than just that. Although these lenses do give a bigger, dolly look, that is definitely not all they do. They can also help to achieve that chic and sexy look as well! 

How about the guys, can they - or do they - wear circle lens too? YES.

And if any of you guys are visual kei fans, I can guarantee that all, if not most, members of the bands wear circle lens as well!

So circle lenses are certainly known for enlarging the iris, but that does not apply to every single pair of circle lens. There are different diameters and designs that are offered and these factors affect the final look. Like I said, whether it may be the cute, dolly, sexy, chic, dark or mysterious, circle lenses can help you get the look. There are many colors and effects that these lenses can achieve!

So what kinds of colors, looks and effects would you like?

Would you like to try a pair?

Visit Lens Village for starters, and if you are already a wearer of circle lens... well, Lens Village has hundreds of designs that you could choose from :O 
Ranging from the classic designs to the most current hottest and popular designs, Lens Village has it B)