Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EOS Dark Ice 2 Tones Blue

Lens Info:

Diameter : 14.8mm 
Water Content : 42%
Life Span : 1 year
B.C. : 8.7mm

Natural Window Light


No Flash

Ring Light 

Price: $23.00

The color and design makes these lenses truly seem like an ice blue. The shade and appearance of it when on your eyes looks somewhat fluorescent, not neon, but almost. These are very bright, vivid and even in darker lit areas they are very obvious and noticeable! There isn't a limbal ring though, which is something I like, but even without it this type of design suits the lenses.

Enlargement: .5
Diameter: 14.8mm
You can clearly see the enlargement effect as the lens design is quite "see through". Of course each persons' iris has different sizes so this may vary.

These are super comfortable on me and I didn't experience much dryness at all.
Amazing lenses for cosplay or an event! Paired with a darker makeup look they look mysterious and intriguing. They aren't natural whatsoever so I'd say heavy makeup is a must. Overall, these are very unique and there aren't many lenses with this style (though the bubble series are very similar but they only have one tone).
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  1. This pair of twins, are very new!, And
    combine well with dark eyes seem fluo

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  3. Adorable!! I just love the colour of you contacts and it looks beautiful on you. Colour contacts give a stylish look to our face.