Monday, March 5, 2012

[REVIEW] EOS G-307 Gothic Green


These are the EOS G-307 Gothic Green that I purchased a few months ago in a little circle lens spree I had. I recently opened them, so I'd like to review them on here as well ^^

In that spree I also purchased the Gothic Turquoise(which I think they sent me the Sapphires though O.o - I reviewed the blue ones HERE if anyone is interested) and Violets. I haven't opened the Violets yet but once I do, I will be sure to review them on here too. 

EOS G-307 Gothic Green

No Lens
Indoor Lighting
Window Lighting 
Side View 
The color is a hazel-green and does not appear too striking in color at all. A very natural lens color and the design blends in very well with my natural eye color.

Lens Diameter: 14.5 They enlarge naturally and give off a little halo effect. I am okay with all lenses in this area, but for those who like the dolly eyes look, this might not be what you want.

I did feel a little dryness as time went by, otherwise, they were pretty comfortable. 

The lenses are very pretty and natural. I purchased these expecting them to be like how they look in the modeled photos. You could tell that they are green, however, I was disappointed in how dark they turned out to be.  But to those who look for natural enlargement and color, the Gothic Series definitely should be what you are looking for.

I created a post about natural colored circle lenses, and I included the Gothic Series in that category. I want to let you know though, that I purchased these before knowing how dark they would turn out to be. So that is why I was disappointed with the outcome of the lenses :(

Hope the review helped ^^
These are photos taken by me, without any edits made so what you see is what you get here :)

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I'm still contemplating on which ones to open after all :P


  1. These are very nice lenses, but I really like the brighter ones, lol. I have never bought a natural looking pair =^o^=

    1. I prefer brighter ones too ^^;; That's why I was kind of sad when I tried these on :( haha But people around me like so I guess it's fine :P

  2. Last year I was really into striking designs, but lately I'm starting to become interested in the look of natural lenses...
    These are quite pretty but I can see how disappointing it can be if they appear darker than advertised~
    Lol, I have 4-5 pairs unopened and I can't decide which to open first either! I really like grey lenses so if you're still undecided perhaps I can nudge you towards the Natural 3 tone grey pair? ^_^

    1. Natural lenses are nice too :) But advertisements really mislead sometimes :( But that's why we have bloggers! Haha Seriously, I look up reviews for everything before purchasing now xD and I will consider opening the greys ^^ I have the new adult greys too which I reviewed on my own blog, but I might just make another review for it on here :)