Friday, March 23, 2012

[Review] Kira Kira Green // DM-23 Green

Another review is here!

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span: 1 Year
B.C: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm; effect up to 16mm

Origin: South Korea


Window Lighting

Indoor Florescent Lighting


These are absolutely gorgeous!! The green is not a deep/forest color that many other lenses show up as. Rather, color is obviously green and others can notice that. The design of these lenses have always been known for blending in well with just about any eye color. The design doesn't suddenly block of, but it gradually fades.

Diameter: 14.5mm
The label stated these as 14.5mm, I don't know how large it really is but they still deserve 5 stars as they enlarge really well. Somehow I believe that these just might be a little larger than 14.5mm...

So I concluded in my mind that these are definitely bigger than 14.5mm. Which troubled me at first since big lenses usually mean less comfort :S But these did not disappoint me at all, they did not irritate or cause discomfort to my eyes. However I did not wear them for a long time, so that may also be a factor. 

I think I am DM-23/Kira Kira biased... I've always been ever since everyone was so crazy about them a year ago x) I never owned any because there were other lenses I had though, so now that I finally got a hold of these... I'm in LOVE! I expected A LOT from these, I mean I've been wanting them for over a year! And that time, only greys and browns existed :/ So now, I am a happy camper ^^

Full face Shots:

Super bright and pretty no?? :D
Hopefully you guys like these as much as I do :P

What do you think about the Kira Kira / DM-23 Greens?


  1. wow i've never seen these shade of lenses before. usually just brown or gray like you said. they look really pretty on you! :D keep in touch <3


    1. I really wanted these once I saw them too, since there weren't so many reviews on this color ^^ But yes, A really nice green that other lenses don't have much of ^^

  2. Gosh, so pretty! The effect ist amazing! *_____* And the color is really vibrant and opaque! :D Nice!

    1. The design is amazinggg! Haha That is why I am so biased :P
      And the green actually shows yet is not overpowering ^^