Monday, February 27, 2012

ColourVue Contact Lens - Introduction

ColourVUE are touted as the front-runners in the fashion-coloured contact eye lens manufacturing business, and they indeed offer a massive array of contact lenses. These range from natural looking coloured contacts right through to the ‘Crazy Lenses’. Because of ColourVUE’s unique, patented and recently developed Hydrogel technology, all ColourVUE contacts offer exceptional comfort, simple easy fitting and hydration.

ColourVUE’s fashion lenses surpass all European standards and regulations, they’ve been certified top-quality and are always bright, stunning contact lenses which you can trust. Swap your style, now you can have access to a fantastic choice in contacts, which include: ‘Glamour fashion’, ‘Big Eyes’, ‘Fusion’, ‘3 Tones’, ‘Stars and Jewels’, ‘Crazy’, and ‘Glow fashion’.

All ColourVUE’s comfortable eye contact lenses are manufactured from a soft Hydrogel material, which is patented, and all have a high water content giving your eyes high oxygen absorbency and an ultra-comfortable fit. You can be sure they are the safest, and also the coolest, funkiest eye contact lenses around. These resilient contact lenses have a long life span of up to 1 year once they are opened.

ColourVUE lenses are the leading brand of fashion coloured eye contact lenses in the UK and in Ireland, as well as numerous other countries worldwide. The hydrogel manufacturing process ensures a softer appearance and extra-comfortable wear all day and night. Nearly all ColourVUE lens designs offer full a colour covering, which makes them ‘dark eyes suitable’ and not just for lighter eyes.

You can try the Sci Fi look, using the ‘Cyborg Lenses’. These black & white lenses feature highly detailed patterning.  They would be ideal for a party costume, a Halloween outfit, or just freaking out friends. Along the same lines are the ‘Darth Maul Lenses’. Red and yellow features in their freaky patterning, allowing you to really stand apart from the crowd.  ‘Avatar Crazy Lenses’ will turn you into a Na'vi. The brightest yellow colouring along with defining details, will suddenly transform you, with your eyes resembling your favourite character from ‘Avatar’. A great compliment for an avatar costume, or to wear anytime and make your friends and acquaintances wonder.

Purple contacts will immediately make your eyes appear bigger and softer, yet vibrantly brighter as well as truly stunning. You can show a sweet side using ‘Valentine Heart Lenses’. They’ll make you instantly ultra-cute.

So don’t forget, if you want to experience the cool look of different coloured eyes, try ColourVUE eye contact lenses with their high O2 permeability, comfortably fitting hydrogel lenses and a softer looking appearance. These non-prescription contacts are CE approved (see ISO9001), are suitable for anyone over 15 years of age and come with special lubricating drops for fitting.

Note that these fashion eye contact lenses aren’t designed for sleeping in or for use with congenital eye conditions. You can visit an eye practitioner and check if these lenses are all right for you to wear.

As all our coloured lenses arrive inside a sealed pack, you must check lenses for breaks or defects prior to opening them. Hygiene reasons prevent us accepting returns with a broken seal.


  1. I've always wanted to try them, but scared I wouldn't like them. I've not seen many reviews on them. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Colored contact lenses provide a beautiful look for your eyes. They are available in different colors. They have some disadvantages also and may cause allergy and dryness. It is important for you to use them correctly.
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  3. I have worn the pair of colorvue contact lenses, it is really comfortable. Colourvue's has a big range of circle lenses which can make small eyes look bigger than the original.

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