Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gyaru Makeup for Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Some of you who follow my blog have already seen this, but I'd like to post the tutorial here for those who haven't seen it yet ^^

I know for a fact that it is sometimes difficult to match your makeup to certain circle lenses, especially if they are brighter or more unnatural. When I was trying on the Shinny Browns, my regular makeup just didn't match :/ The lenses seemed to stand out a bit too much and it somehow looked strange to me.

So how do you rock the Puffy Brown lenses?!

Dramatic makeup for a pair of dramatic lenses B)
And so, I thought... Gyaru eye makeup!

I'm not sure of how many there are of you that like the gyaru fashion and makeup, but this definitely was a fun look.
Super dramatic and grabs attention like O.O
At least, that is how people looked at me when I had this eye makeup on x)

Final Look:

Eye Shot:

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