Thursday, February 9, 2012

Differences Between: Feizl vs. Ulzzang vs. Gyaru


Okok, so let's get some things straight. What.. or who are Feizl's? Ulzzang?? Gyaru!?

OVERALL, all three focus a lot on the big eyes, small nose, thin lips. They are known as Net Idols(ulzzang and feizl). They are pretty/cute/sexy people(men or females) that are recognized and are pretty much famous due to their looks(once again, applies more to ulzzang and feizl). They have many similarities but there are slight differences in their looks and fashion sense. 

They achieve the big eyes by use of makeup and of course, Circle Lens.

Well, what are they?

Definitions of Ulzzang:
"True definition is "best & "face" = best face in korean. They are basically people with above average looks, sometimes with the use of photoshop and haduri who post their pics online, some becoming internet celebrities." 
"The eyes being the main focus and concept of the look. They usually use lots of products to make their eyes very large, such as eyelid glue, Korean cosmetic circle lenses, eyeliner, long fake eyelashes, etc. They also usually have fair skin, a small nose and thin small lips, just like anime characters. They use a lot of editing websites such as Photoshop and Haduri to edit their pictures to make them even more prettier.
Some people find Ulzzangs incredibly cute and attractive, while others find them fake looking and hideous. All in all, Ulzzang has grown into nothing more than a stereotyped look, which will always be judged and have opinions, for the good or the bad."
Taken from urban dictionary(although this dictionary isn't the most accurate, these pretty much do the job). I must disagree on the eyelid glue part now though. As many ulzzangs undergo surgery(that ranges from forehead/rhinoplasty/eyelid/jaw shaping(aka, shaving the jawline)/cheekbone etc. surgery) rather than having to use those products. They aim for a more natural look compared to gyarus and feizls. Ulzzangs before did not focus on lashes until quite recently though. They do not particularly aim to be like "anime characters" from what I understand. More like, dolls. Porcelain dolls.
And it is a Korean term.

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Define Gyaru: Read from wiki to understand the actual background - LINK

Aside from the true meaning of gyaru, many associate it with a type of style. There are many types of gyaru, I will not go into details as that is WAY too much information.
**Click HERE for a more detailed list of gyarus.

Simply put, their looks are described as doll-like girls as well, but not the porcelain type dolls, more like... anime? CUTE BIG EYES. is what a lot of people might generally say, but once again, there are many types. Eyelid glue or surgery is common for many gyaru models/gals. Gyaru's don't depend much on skin tone, more on the makeup, hair and style. Males are called gyaruo btw ^^
A Japanese term.

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Pretty much like gyaru and ulzzang. Except this is known more as Chinese Net Idols. They can be similar to either ulzzangs or gyarus I find.

So it does take a while to see the differences. And some just will never get it xD 
I hope this would help anyone who questions the differences though. As time goes by, you can just automatically see the differences. Most of the differences are based solely on race though. But recently some looks just incorporate each others... looks. 

could've said that from the start =________=''

** Pictures are all just taken off google, some are older but I hope you guys get the point :P

What are your thoughts on Feizls, Ulzzangs and Gyarus?


  1. Wow, I never knew there was so many other kinds! Thanks for the info <3

  2. I hear about gyarus and ulzzangs all the time but rarely about feizl even though I'm chinese. I guess their all similar in a way

    1. Yeah, I don't hear much about feizl's either but since they are similar and can't really be considered ulzzang or gyaru(I guess, since they are Chinese), I decided to add them in ^^

  3. I love them! But I never heard about Feizl's before, but they look nice! I like doing gyaru-like makeup when I have more free time on weekends, but I do more simple ulzzang inspired style on more casual weekdays ^^

    1. I heard of feizl's from a looong time ago, but yeah, they aren't as popularly known as gyarus and ulzzangs. And same :D people say my makeup is on the ulzzang side, if it is that haha. I just don't wear lashes and all that on a daily basis :P

  4. It's maybe because I'm Korean and I live there, but I've never imagined that gyaru and ulzzang could be indistinguishable. They're just so different, arent they? :)

  5. All is cute (especially Gyaru-Hime)
    But guys doing this kinda looks gay.. (o.e)
    Dressing cute and acting cute, posing at cameras is more suited for girls..

  6. Very informative! I'm trying to make my makeup more ulzzang because gyaru makeup doesn't look right on me and all those products require more money lol.

  7. Very informative blog for me. The pictures are really very nice and cute.
    Thanks for posting.