Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Review] EOS XtraVaganza Pink(G-210)

EOS XtraVaganza Pink (EOS G-210 Pink)

Lens Description:
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-210
Series: XtraVaganza
Diameter: 14.5mm
B.C: 8.8mm
Lens Type: Yearly Disposable

**These were not sponsored by LensVillage, but as they are circle lenses and I reviewed them on my own blog, I'd like to share these here as well. However, LensVillage does have lenses similar to these available for anyone who is interested: Dueba Fairy Pink**

No Lens
Bright window lighting 

Indoor Lighting

 Full faced poser pics with them on:

(Ratings are all out of 5)
Light pink in color. It is really opaque and noticeable, the pink definitely shows through. The design is really simple. Obviously not natural and doesn't blend. Aside from this, I don't have much else to say.

Every. Single. Lens. Enlarge my eyes! I don't think I have small eyes but maybe it's just my iris size that makes all lenses seem to enlarge well :P These are 14.5mm so they do not look overly huge at all.

I only wore these for a short period of time, but I think they were quite comfortable. EOS lenses do have thinner lenses after all.

The EOS XtraVaganza Pink lenses totally remind of anime eyes, in fact, I was tempted to apply anime makeup when I wore these xD Personally, I do not have much of an opinion about them, it's neither love or hate. However, I do not mind them. I only gave these lenses 3 stars though. I explained the reason in the original post.

So what do you think about pink lenses? 
Honestly, I have never been interested in them. But I really was quite excited to try them ^^

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    1. Wow late reply! But yes, they are quite lovely :)

  2. Nice!!

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  3. wow! these pink lenses dont look as pink as i thought they would :) they look pretty on you <3

    1. Thank you ^^ And yes, they aren't as vibrant as I thought they would be!