Thursday, February 16, 2012

{3 Tone Lenses} Vibrant Yet Natural~

What I meant by "vibrant yet natural" is that, they are obviously a different color from your own eyes, yet blend in very well with your own eye color. 
So, ever wanted eyes with that unnatural color but didn't have the courage to because it might look a bit too... weird? or too noticeable? How about just wanting to look exotic, causing people to wonder what your real background is?

Sometimes I do.

Although I love the saying

"Go big, or go home"

I need to say that sometimes I'd like to have subtle colored eyes that keep strangers guessing if my eyes are really green/blue/violet etc.

Also, having a natural unnatural eye color(haha yep, it's a paradox) really gives off an exotic look. And when paired with dark sultry makeup, it looks seductively sexy ;) 

But sometimes finding vibrant yet natural circle lenses are so difficult D: They are either too natural or too unnatural! But there are lenses out there that can help find that balance!

TA-DA they are 3 Tone Lenses!

There are plenty of 3 tone designs out there, but not all of them can achieve the natural look. Take the Bambi Series for instance, they are 3 toned, but are definitely not natural. So here are just some that you guys can consider if you'd like ^^

I think that this series seriously has a large color selection... 9 colors! But each color has a slightly different hue. For example, you could choose between a pure brown, or a honey brown.. or a brown with a hazel tone.

I have a pair as well :3 In turquoise, but I think it looks A LOT more sapphire... 
From a personal perspective, I would say that these are normally a bit darker than in the photos, as the market photos are taken professionally, and mine were taken in bright lighting(no flash).

window lighting

Please do not mind my facial expression, I was doing a wig review on my personal blog ^^;;
But this photo shows how the lenses show up on my dark brown eyes at least!

And a photo with me wearing it in natural lighting:

The series name title says it all ^^

There wasn't a model picture of the pink lens, but the link for it is HERE

Now, if you would like for something more noticeable with three tones, I would recommend the
These lenses are SUPER popular and have been one of the best sellers actually ^^

*I need to remind you once again that many modelling photos are taken under bright lighting and some companies or stores slightly photoshop their pictures to emphasize the lens designs and colors, so in person, the lenses are DARKER than the stock photos! 

*So even though they do not look the least bit natural, IRL they are much darker. However, as I have stated, the puffy series are more noticeable and vibrant.

Other widely known circle lenses that are on the natural side are: GEO Tri Colors, GEO Luna 2 Tones, Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira(I think these are gorgeous <3) & Seeshell Dizoneyes

So there are many others among the many brands and designs of Circle Lenses but these were just to name a few ^^

What do you think about 3 tone lenses?

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  1. I'm on the fence about three tones. I find some (alot, really) remind me of freshlooks and others are beautiful (like the puffy's). The puffy's carry their own unique blend of the three tones where as I find gothic, world all within similar design, just a variation of size and pigment. It could just be me though. I prefer 2tone lenses or one tone :S

    1. You are right, overall I would say many of the lens designs look similar xD So for me, as long as they are pretty then I like them, regardless of the tone as well ^^

  2. I would love to try out the turquoise ones! I have yet to try out 3 tones lenses so I can't really give my opinion, they do seem natural though in a way.

    1. They are quite natural :) I was surprised actually, because they were darker than the model photos when I received them... so misleading >.> haha

  3. hI! very nice posts indeed!;)

  4. Lovely blog.