Sunday, December 23, 2012

GEO Princess Mimi Starmish Brown


I've previously used Princess mimi lenses before and absolutely loved them, so when I found out about a new Starmish colour I had to try them. This lens is the same big 15mm lens as preview princess mimi lenses and the same comfort. I wore these all day and didn't have a problem with them drying up, which is usually a big problem with circle lenses and ones that are this big in diameter as well.

These lenses came with a cute animal case and the princess mimi designed bottles. I suggest when you open it you flip the lid strongly and have tweezers and pliers ready if you make a mistake because the metal edges of these contacts are sharp. 

I made the mistake of once taking unopened bottles out with me and then having to spend 20 minutes trying to pry them open carefully without cutting myself because I opened them wrong - not fun.

The lenses in the solution look like a bright yellow honey colour, but this colour will look a lot more natural on, especially if you have darker eyes like myself. 

The color to me is my favourite part, the brown is very golden, and bright, looking like a cool brown with flash. You can see the colour difference in the images.

I recommend this colour for anyone wanting to get a bright golden brown doe- eye look. This colour is better than a natural brown because it gives a little bit of brightness to your look that is still quite natural. I'm a huge fan of light brown and hazel eyes so this is one of the most perfect colours. Especially goes well with brown and light brown hair.

Comfort level: 4/5 - these started feeling a bit dry at the 12 hour mark which is pretty good.
Color and appearance: 5/5 - this is fast becoming one of my favourite pair of lenses to wear.

Geo Starmish Brown Princess Mimi XKP-304 
Starmish Brown, new model added in Princess Mimi line and latest design from Popteen Model , Mai Hairose.  
Diameter : 15mm
Base Curve : 8.70mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00

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  1. hi! I have dark brown eyes and small but not Oriental
    I recommend buying the starmish?