Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Mimi Almond Brown

Lens Info
Diameter: 15mm
B.C: 8.6mm
Life Span: Yearly
Power Available: 0.00 to -8.00

My photos:
Warm Light
 Natural Window Light
 Side View

They really are an almond color! Or taupe if you want to get more technical with the color - a dark brown with a slight tint of grey. The design is really simple as you can see from the lens shot and the limbal ring is fairly thick, but not too overpowering. As for the kind of look it gives off, a natural dolly look is what it is~

Diameter: 15mm
I think this size for enlargement is good. If it were a tad bit smaller, I'd like it even more :P

I thought these were quite comfy! I did experience a bit of dryness after 5 hours but for me that is good because I tend to have drier eyes.

Comparisons Between:
Grang Grang Brown vs Grang Grang Choco vs Mimi Almond Brown

These are probably my most natural pair of lenses I have aside from my grang grang lenses (which I reviewed: HERE). I like how they don't make your eyes appear black or honey colored (though I do like honey brown colored eyes too). These are just strictly brown.

Do you prefer natural lenses over vibrant and bold lenses?
I can't say, I like both! depending on my mood and what kind of look I am aiming for :)


  1. THESE ARE SO GORGEOUS. I need to get my hands on them sometime, they're such a nice staple for "natural" looking lenses. ^^

    1. For sure! They are my go to lenses if I want something natural ^^

  2. Really pretty! But I suppose they'd look reptile yellow on blue eyes;(

    1. I have never seen someone with blue eyes wearing these! But honestly, it's just me but I love darker rings on light colored eyes, it looks pretty to me haha