Friday, June 29, 2012

G-307 Gothic 3 Tones Violet Review

There are a lot of colors in this series and I happen to have the green, violet and turquoise ones. I have reviewed the green and turquoise ones before, and now it is time for the violets!
Diameter: 14.5mm
Life Span: Yearly
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
B.C: 8.8mm
Under the dollyeye label, manufactured by EOS

My photos:
 Natural Window Light
 Side View

Surprisingly I liked these! Or it must be that I already expected these to be darker and more natural from my experience with the past two lenses in the gothic series. The violet is really soft and isn't the kind of purple you usually see on circle lenses, this is more pale and pastel. The design blends in well with my eyes and is quite natural aside from the color.

Diameter: 14.5mm
This kind of enlargement is the perfect one for me, personally. The enlargement isn't too noticeable yet the lenses do a good job subtly.

If there was a half star, I'd rather give these 3.5. The reason being that these lenses actually have a base curve of 8.8mm opposed to the usual 8.6mm. Therefore the lenses are more curved and can feel slightly tight if 8.6mm fits well. As for dryness, these are quite average and eyedrops may be used for added comfort.

Full Face:

In the past, I gave the other lenses from this series a lower mark because of my disappointment in the color. However, as I was not expecting much from these, I was quite surprised! The color is something quite different from the typical violet lenses I see now and these are great for wearing out as a natural pair even though they are violet.

That's all for this review ^^


  1. So beautiful! I need to buy these myself <3

    1. These are very pretty violet lenses ^^ And usually I don't like violet :X

  2. These are really gorgeous. They're so natural, even though they're purple. ^^ I wanted to buy the hazel ones of these, cos the colour seemed quite unique.

    1. They are :) I haen't seen too many reviews on these, but hazel must be quite nice as a natural pair!

  3. i usually don't like violet lenses, but after seeing your review i think i should try this! :D
    they look really good on you!


    1. I usually don't like violet lenses either, though I do like the color purple :/ But this one helped me to change my views on violet lenses :P I see they did that for you too! haha If you do get these, I hope you like them too ^^