Monday, January 23, 2012

Popular Gyaru Circle Lens: Bambi Series

As the last post mentioned, many Gyaru gals, if not ALL Gyaru's wear circle lens! So what are some of the recent popular lenses that they wear?

These lenses are endorsed by Tsubasa Masukawa and these are one of the most popular recently, many models can be spotted wearing these! Perfect for the dolly effect :)

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 - -6.00
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Life Span: 1 Year

*Although these are also part of the Bambi series, the design is different, giving a lot more of a natural look*

An alternative to wearing the GEO Bambi series is the Kimchi Bambi series:

Lens Info:
Power Available: 0.00 - -8.50
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 Year

The lens itself is 1mm larger but the water content is also higher. The design runs very closely to that of the GEO Bambi Series with slight differences. The Kimchi series are a tad bit simpler in terms of the printed design and there are more colors available.

So the Bambi series are a HUGE hit! Many adore the pattern and effect of the lens. They are enlarging and give a dolly appearance but can also give off a mysterious deep look as well. The Bambi circle lenses also incorporate an eye catching design that is mixed with between blending colors and a noticeable dark outer ring.

So would you like to join the rave of the BAMBI CIRCLE LENSES?


  1. I own every one of the bambi lenses, and I LOVE them all !!! <3

    1. :O GOOD TO KNOW!! I haven't.. yet haha But they look soo pretty T^T I know a couple friends of mine have. I am getting hands on them soon!! Mwuahaha >:D