Thursday, January 19, 2012

Circle Lens... An Introductory!

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So what are circle lens?

Simply put, they are just like your regular contact lenses BUT they enlarge the appearance of your eyes ^^ They are worn by many people just about everywhere!

But as many people may know, gyaru models, ulzzangs and celebrities heavily sport these lenses:

So people generally assume that circle lens only give off the cute look, but really, they do MORE than just that. Although these lenses do give a bigger, dolly look, that is definitely not all they do. They can also help to achieve that chic and sexy look as well! 

How about the guys, can they - or do they - wear circle lens too? YES.

And if any of you guys are visual kei fans, I can guarantee that all, if not most, members of the bands wear circle lens as well!

So circle lenses are certainly known for enlarging the iris, but that does not apply to every single pair of circle lens. There are different diameters and designs that are offered and these factors affect the final look. Like I said, whether it may be the cute, dolly, sexy, chic, dark or mysterious, circle lenses can help you get the look. There are many colors and effects that these lenses can achieve!

So what kinds of colors, looks and effects would you like?

Would you like to try a pair?

Visit Lens Village for starters, and if you are already a wearer of circle lens... well, Lens Village has hundreds of designs that you could choose from :O 
Ranging from the classic designs to the most current hottest and popular designs, Lens Village has it B)


  1. oh it's your new blog??:) lovely! I like purple,pink and blue cons!!however the school does not allowed us to wear I won't buy them now :(:(

    1. Yeah, but I'm just managing this one. So follow for more circle lens information >:D Aww too bad :( When you graduate you could wear them all you want!

  2. Wao~ You're the owner of LensVillage? How cool!! :D

    I didn't know there was a brand named Kimchi, how cute~

    1. Haha I'm not the owner, but I am managing this blog on their behalf :)
      Yeah Kimchi is a cute name for it ^^