Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EOS New Adult Brown (Blytheye/J-203)

If there is a series that I'd have to pick as my all time favorite, these must be it. I have many lenses that I like but these are really something else!

EOS New Adult Brown (Blytheye/J-203)
Lens Info:

Manufacturer: Dollyeye (EOS)
Diameter : 14.5mm 
Water Content : 38-42%
Life Span : 1 year
B.C. : 8.6mm

Price: $21.50


I love love love LOVEEE this design! The color is very dreamy, and the shade is slightly golden. There is a defined black ring and the detailing of this lens is just very different and unique. The lenses are quite opaque but they somehow blend into the eyes as the center of the design breaks into smaller specks. 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Not the biggest when it comes to enlargement. But I like them just as they are.

Quite the average lens in terms of comfort, slight dryness after a while of wearing them but nothing out of the ordinary for me. 

I've had these years back and missed them very much so I was glad to wear them again. They create this look that not many lenses give. In person the lenses create a sultry look to your eyes (of course the effect is more so with makeup). The color and design both work well together and the halo for these lenses is just so pretty :D  

So if you guys like these, they can be found here: 
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What is your fave lens series?
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  1. i love the color of lens,your picture taken under great lighter looks so pretty and the lens looks so brighter under light..:)


  2. Beautiful lens! Your reviews are very
    important to me, I used a lot of
    guidance when I go to buy a circle lens!!

  3. I love these too! I ordered them in grey once they were on sale.
    So far these are my favourite :D

  4. Beautiful lens! I never tried the new ones, but I had the old Adult and they were so gorgeous. Your eyes would look crystal-like with them on, I see the new ones are like that too..


  5. omg so pretty

    xoxo Wengie