Monday, May 28, 2012

I. Fairy Keizen Violet 16.2mm

Here's a review for some very vibrant violet lenses with a pink tint ;)
I was very happy with them as they exceeded my expectations! I thought they'd turn out dark :O

Model photo:

Lens Info
Diameter: 16.2mm
Power Available: 0.00 to -8.00
Life Span: Yearly
Water Content: 55%
B.C: 8.6mm

Window (Natural) Light
Indoor Lighting

These are very bright! I LOVE it! And the violet has a tint of pink, both of best worlds B) I was actually contemplating whether I should get the pink or purple/violet, I thought these were a mix of both but thought they'd be more violet. There is a thin ring which gives the dolly eye look and the color has a nice center ring of brown/yellow which help it to not look too cut off from your actual eye color.

Diameter: 16.2mm
'Nuff said :P

I had no discomfort with these lenses, some dryness here and there. So eye drops might be the best thing to carry around for any type of contact lenses for added hydration.


I have been saying this quite a lot but I.fairy lenses are really living up to their model photos! They are as bright as they look in the photos (of course lighting applies to this) and I am super satisfied ^^ These were not creepy looking despite the color and size and nearly being pink.. haha I really like them :) 

** I apologize for the photos not being as clear as I hoped they would be, I'd like to get a new camera soon T^T
Full Face:
(cloudy/peeking sun window lighting)
 (bright sunny lighting)

Although my camera was not cooperating with me for this review, you could see very well that the color of the lenses are still as vibrant as I hoped! These didn't let me down and I didn't think that they would be this true to pic ^^

So that's all for the review :)

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