Monday, May 14, 2012

I. Fairy Jewel Green Review

I'm back with a lens review for the I. Fairy Jewel Green lenses! There were many who liked the blue version of these (so did I!) so I was really looking forward to the greens as well! But... let's just say I like blue more haha
Lens Info
Diameter: 15mm
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span: Yearly
Water Content: 55%
B.C: 8.6mm

Window (Natural) Light
Indoor Lighting

I have the blue version of these lenses and was completely in love with the color although they were a bit dark as well. The greens turned out to be even darker and the shade of green didn't stand out. Nonetheless, they are still pretty lenses. However, if compared to the blues, I prefer these less. The design, I must say, is gorgeous. I love the jagged edges and even though the colors do not blend, the design makes it work into my eye color very well.

Diameter: 15mm
Anything above 14.2 enlarges my eyes well! So these are 15mm and honestly, the largest I would go for everyday wear if not just seldomly. 

For a size this large, the water content at 55% make up for it. They are comfortable and I did not feel them in my eyes. After a few hours though, eye drops may be needed. I have dry eyes when it comes to contact lenses though, so it may vary for each individual.

Overall: ★.5
(I need to find a half star haha)
Like previously mentioned, because I was so in love with the blues that they raised my expectations for the greens. I think these are still very pretty. The green color blends in nicely and isn't bold but quite soft so I would say that they would be great for someone who is looking for very enlarging natural green circle lenses.

Full Face:
(bright window lighting)

For those who have not seen my review of the jewel blues:
I. Fairy Jewel Blue VS I. Fairy Jewel Green

Which color do you prefer?
You know my answer :P


  1. Blue!!! Definitely Blue !!

  2. I prefer the green ones :) the look just..WOW !!

  3. Pretty, but I might like to see brown!

  4. i like the green one ^_^

  5. where did you purchase them?

    1. These are from ^^
      You could use a promo code 10THT for 10% off if you'd like and the link is

  6. They both look gorgeous!

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